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Kingsdown Mattresses

Hand-crafted since 1904 Kingsdown bedding sets have become the standard by which all others are judged. Research with some of the world’s most renowned sleep clinics revealed that proper body support and reduced pressure are essential to healthy sleep. Designing the perfect sleep set requires combining components from England, France, Belgium and Switzerland along with methodologies from the US, Canada and Germany come together to truly create an ideal sleeping environment. So judge for yourself ! You can experience a healthier and happier life style from night after night of healthy sleep.

As the above descriptions should make obvious, this is not the sort of mattress one orders over the phone at a discount or picks up at a chain store trying to undercut the price of its competitors. Kingsdown mattresses are expensive but the question really comes down to this: What is waking up pain-free worth to you?

Our most popular models:

The Kingsdown Body System Kingsdown Body System® Mattresses
Body System® mattresses offer a completely stress-relieved sleep surface that allows added movement in the mattress while maintaining proper alignment of the spine, shoulders, and hips. The hand-tufted design guarantees many years of comfort to cradle you each and every night into a deeper, fuller sleep. Adjustable base version also available.

The Body System® sleep set allows you to sink into it according to your specific weight and body shape. A large person sinks a little deeper than a lighter one, but both receive the same amount of support, and without rolling together, or rolling off the bed! More info about the Body System...

Kingdown Gold Crown Collection Kingsdown Gold Crown Sleeping Beauty Collection
The ultimate pillowtop, the Gold Crown is the top of the line in the Sleeping Beauty collection. Experience the feel of the ultimate in pillowtop bedding. leeping Beauty® offers the comfort you need to fall asleep fast and sleep more soundly all night long.  Advanced cushioning materials in a Sleeping Beauty sleep set cradle and caress the body with luxurious comfort.  The full coil box spring works with the mattress to provide proper support while eliminating excess pressure, allowing for better conformity to the body, better weight distribution, and relief to critical pressure points of the body.

Kingsdown - Sleep To Live! "The keys to a healthy back are stretching, exercise, and a good mattress."
-- Dr. Jean Rosenbaum, Director of American Fitness Association


Natura - The Natural Sleep Solution

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Classic Sleep


Strobel Supple-Pedic

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We provide full-service local delivery and set-up in the Metro Washington, DC area for all our brands. We ship the following brands throughout the continental USA: Comfortaire, Royal-Pedic, Classic Sleep, and Supple-Pedic. Call for delivery information on Kingsdown (limited East Coast delivery area), Simmons Beautyrest (Nationwide) and BackCare (Nationwide) mattress sets.


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